About Us


Livcan was born from a simple desire to create.

We are a small batch design and manufacturing business, with over 20 years experience. We produce
meaningful products with careful consideration to both design and purpose.
We are passionate about our environment and strive to use materials that are not only local but
sustainably sourced. Most of our lumber is sourced directly from local woodlot owners, they truly care
too, and we are proud to support them.

Hey! My name is Greg, and I’m the owner of Livcan, after moving from south west England to Canada in 2009, I have lived on both coasts, and now reside here in New Brunswick. I am a toolmaker by trade yet have always enjoyed woodworking. Livcan allows me to express both of these passions.
I am passionate about design and manufacturing and in some form, I have worked in it for 20 years. Simply put, I love to create. Named after my children (Liv & Duncan) I strive to create a business that encapsulates all my experience and produce products that I am truly proud of.

Enjoy browsing the website, and feel free to reach out,